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Which one sounds more like you?


You have a team, but…

>> You’re constantly fighting fires or answering nonstop questions…

>> You keep finding simple mistakes that should’ve been caught…

>> You wish they cared about your business the way you do…

>> You want a productive and motivated team that grows your business and lets you focus on your zone of genius.

>> You want more of your time back to spend with your family doing the things that restored you.

>> And you want to be a good leader for your team, but feeling like you’re falling short…

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You’re ready to hire, but…

>> You’ve been putting off hiring and truthfully have no idea where to start…

>> You’re not sure if you need a VA, an integrator or OBM or ??…

>> You’re wondering wondering how to “find the good ones” who will care about your business like it’s their business…

>> You’re worried about what it will cost you, and are feeling stuck.

>> You want your time back, but you’re afraid managing people will cost you more time…

>> You’re not sure if you’re ready to be responsible for an employee…

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I’m here to help

Hi! I’m Teresa. I’m a high-impact Leadership & Team Coach for purpose-driven online entrepreneurs like you.

For 25 years I’ve worked in and with leaders of top organizations and businesses around the world to build teams to scale business impact while growing in profit.

I’m here to show you the no-fluff yet human-centered approach to building a passionate and productive team of people who LOVE “going to work” with you every day virtually and in real life.

Join the scores of entrepreneurs whom I’ve shown how to unlock the power of teams to help you make MORE impact, MORE income, and have MORE freedom to do more good in the world with the right people in the right roles at the right times all without sacrificing more time away from your family.

Here are a handful of incredible companies that I’ve had the privilege to partner with:


Run don’t walk to Teresa if you want to grow your business in ways you’ve never even dared to imagine!
— Alisha G., Founder of Your Kids Table
Teresa was the perfect blend of supreme organization and human compassion. She helped guide all of us to the answers we needed for what felt like an unending series of questions — often before we knew to ask them.
— Audrey D., Photographer
I just can’t recommend Teresa enough. If you’re thinking about working with Teresa, make the leap, she is worth it!
— Heather L., The Flourish Academy


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