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We are avid volunteers and philanthropists. We believe in giving back to communities and causes that are doing social good in local communities and abroad. Financial giving is a big part of how we give back. We believe and have experienced how a heart of giving comes back bless you a 1,000 fold. It motivates us to bless as we grow.

10% of our earnings are given to communities such as this Black Hmong Community in Sapa Valley. Teresa met an incredible group of fierce and beautiful women while trekking in Sapa Valley. The Sapa Sisters were inspiring ~ true entrepreneurs who built a trekking business with nothing but a vision and joy in their hearts to help rise out of poverty and provide options for the families in Sapa Valley. Their business empowers women who ordinarily have little education to learn English, have a trade, earn more money than they could ever dream, have confidence to dream beyond their former suboptimal options.

They symbolize every value we stand for, and we helped them create micro-loans for other entrepreneurial women in the area who want to be build business that allow them to be financially independent or support their families. This gives these women hope, which in turn gives us hope.