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About the Founder, Teresa


Teresa is a native Texan and Korean American hailing from the taco-lovin' Austin, Texas. She's a globetrotter, foodie, nature-lover, with just a small obsession with penguins. 

She coaches high-achieving online entrepreneurs to become transformative leaders building and leading dream teams to scale their businesses.  She converges her love of leadership development with the best of her 25 years of top tech startups and international organizations to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses and impact with the right team.

From being on and off-stage in musical theatre, lecturing the world’s finest diplomats, standing-up thriving Tech startup teams or leading artist communities and being a change maker for social good, she is a champion of bringing out the best in people and solving the world's most WICKED problems. Teresa holds a Master in Public Administration with a specialization in Nonprofit Leadership and Management.


Teresa is a student of life and everything in it and still itches the multi-passionate scratch by becoming an overnight expert in the latest and greatest. She's also a proud mommy to an adorable fluff of toy poodle love, Blackjack, and is the luckiest wife to a wonderful and loving husband pursuing his dream as a sushi chef. When not working, they're hosting dinner parties, binge-watching Korean dramas or Netflix shows, or traveling to new and beautiful places around the world to hike and explore new food and cultures.

She and her husband were last seen in Iceland atop a glacier somewhere. :)


About Ashley


Ashley is Daringly Great’s Marketing Assistant.

She likes to tackle life’s challenges with her passion for creative problem solving and continuous learning. She’s currently counting down the days until she graduates from The University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Economics in May 2019.

When she’s not trying to keep her cat from eating houseplants or cables, you can find her strewing all manner of crafting supplies across her desk. She devours fantasy and non-fiction books almost as fast as she does Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.


Obligatory selfie with Mr. Hasslehoff during
Team Time at the local brewery.

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