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Listen to our approach to human-centered entrepreneurial Leadership that is 10x more effective than just being a boss.

In light of success

listen now: how to become the kind of leader you would follow

  • How you can identify the lights in your life.

  • Transactional vs. transformational leadership.

  • How language and communication affects our self-image as a leader.

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Hole in the Whole

Listen now: Dreaming Up Your Dream Team

  • Insights on finding first team members.

  • Transitioning from side hustling to employing people.

  • Bringing in experts.

  • Delegating tasks.

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uplevel your biz podcast

Listen Now: how to leverage startup secrets to unlock the power of teams

  • How to tell when you’re ready to hire.

  • How to effectively manage team members.

  • How we can make sure our team is more productive and actually helping us take tasks off of our plate.

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OMG Radio With Jamie Palmer


  • The entrepreneur’s mindset when it comes to being a leader in their business.

  • What it looks like to step up as a leader in your business, and how this can radically change your results.


SoulFUEL® Podcast with Wendy Collier

Listen Now: Core Values and Entrepreneurship

  • “Never Suffer From Lone Wolf Syndrome Again”

  • We talk about how women in particular feel they can or should be able to do it all on their own, can’t ask for help AND may even add the extra fun pressure on to do it ALL perfectly - kids, career, household, business.

  • Why women are particularly prone to this and what you can do to begin receiving support - in your budding or growing business (+ life). This incredible free gift makes it very easy for you to figure out exactly how.


Sell or die Podcast with Jeffrey Gitomer & Jennifer Gluckow

Listen Now: Core Values and Entrepreneurship

Listen to this double header

  • The difference between core values, vision, and mission

  • The power of company core values and a culture mix

  • Culture Islands and “People like this”


Love Intently Podcast with sophie kwok

Listen Now: From Strangers to Seoul Mates with Teresa Kwon

Listen to this double header

  • Part 1: Our Kdrama-level love story

  • Part 2: My Leadership Philosophy
    Why I transitioned out of startup life and corporate consulting to leadership coaching with online entrepreneurs


Story Therapy with Dallin Nead

Listen Now: Living Daringly Great with Teresa Kwon

  • My personal story with leadership

  • How I help successful entrepreneurs scale their businesses the way I helped startup founders scale their businesses

  • How your business needs a solid team and a solid strategy when you’re scaling a multiple 6-figure business to 7 figures


Fire and earth podcast

Listen Now: Unlocking the Power of Teams with Teresa Kwon

  • Building a Culture and Values-driven business to attract, hire, and build

  • How your company core values come from your story

  • How to shift from the business owner mindset versus leader mindset

  • How to operate from a wealth mentality - seeing team members as an investment and not an expense


B-SNAPS with Amanda Ross

Listen Now: How small businesses can solve wicked problems with Teresa Kwon

  • “True Impact is about Multiplying Oneself. That’s Legacy.”

  • Who I’m put on this planet to serve

  • What are Wicked Problems- what is it?