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new employee onboarding guide

Just hired a new employee? This guide is PERFECT for you- whether you’re new to onboarding team members or a seasoned veteran.

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The Ultimate dream team hiring roadmap

Hiring new team members can be a complicated process, so we decided to create a step-by-step roadmap to make it a little easier on you!

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173 things you can outsource or delegate

One of the reasons for your hectic schedule might be that you’re taking on tasks you actually shouldn’t be doing yourself. We compiled this list so you can spend more time on the truly important CEO activities you’re meant to do!


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My Recommended Resources

Note: If you see a ***, that means I am a proud support and affiliate of that product!


Hiring Resources

This site has free job posting services, assessment tools, an application management tool, email relay, and even a referral system. I’ve used this platform to find jobs myself and to hire for just about every kind of company - corporate, government, small local businesses, tech startups, and my own. I coach all of my clients and colleagues to use Indeed and they have all found incredible candidates - from executives and managers to intern or team member, both part-time and full-time. I highly recommend using this platform to find entry-level or part-time team members in the local area to co-work with you and/or remote work.


I recommend this for outsourcing overseas! I have built incredible relationships with very smart, talented, and committed virtual assistants and video editors through this site. Reading through the free resources and guides available on the site is crucial to setting expectations and hiring the right person. Keeping good communication rhythms is important. If you’re looking for some part-time help and are just getting started, this may be a great resource for you.

This is a great site for finding contract/freelancer work. Creating a proper posting and parameters greatly increase your ability to attract high-quality candidates without being overbid. I don’t believe this is a good solution for a finding more semi-permanent to permanent team members. Freelancers own their own business, so they can become very costly for you as a business owner.


Online Course and Membership Recommendations


I cannot rave about this membership community enough! If you want clear, authentic, no FOMO driven ways to grow and nurture an Instagram following, get resources, masterclasses, a boosting pod, and a very supportive community to boot THIS IS IT. This isn’t about the 10K followers in 30 days method. This is about creating a tribe.


If you're interested in building fun relational Facebook messenger bots, this course teaches you exactly how to build them with all of the best tips of the trade. The instructor is the CEO of a successful Dallas-based marketing agency that builds and sells bots. She shows you exactly how/why she builds them for her clients.


Bobby Klinck is the bomb when it comes to legal advice and documents needed to do businesses safely online. This is his online membership portal that allows you the ability to engage with his content for legal forms made easy.


My Must-Have Productivity Tools


For 20% off the first year on either G-Suite Basic plan or G-Suite Business plan, use these promo codes:
G-Suite Basic: 34VVDH6ERYKJVMQ

G-Suite Business: 34RY6UUFEWQXFHC


FREE! A light, easy and intuitive way to organize your projects and a great project management tool (I prefer it over Asana).

FREE! I also use this to make lists to keep my brain free from the millions of things to do- both personal and work.


FREE! Great for scheduling appointment details, times, and client appointments. You can even use it as an easy payment gateway for consulting/coaching calls and services. If you're on Squarespace, then you can also get the next tier up for free!


FREE! Secure your passwords and never lose or forget them again! It's free for multiple devices!


FREE STORAGE! Great for uploading freebies and files to download for opt-ins. You can also store large files and share files with your team and clients!


FREE! Social media scheduling for one image post per day, commenting dashboard, analytics and desktop or mobile planning and scheduling. $7/mo (billed annually) for one user for all of the features (including posting video and GIFs) which is so worth it.


For virtual calls, webinars, and meetings


email marketing automation tools



START FREE! For those starting out, MailerLite is the ultimate FREE list building tool you'll need. It's free up to 1000 subscribers (along with ALL features) and is reasonably price for lists larger than 1000 and can also grow with you and your business. My favorite features are the beautiful and email templates (HTML/Rich) with an easy to use drag-and-drop editor, embedded web forms, pop-ups, AND landing pages!


Another great alternative is ConvertKit. It's an easy-to-use list building tool because it comes with a host of attractive features: beautiful and email templates (HTML/Rich) with an easy to use drag-and-drop editor, embedded web forms, along with pop-ups, AND landing pages! Pricing starts at $29.





This is what I use now.


Marketing tools


I now use this exclusively for all of my digital marketing funnels and course/membership needs. The flexibility, quality, and analytics/data provided is unmatched. I switched from a combination of Active Campaign/ConvertKit, Leadpages, and Thinkific and would still choose this over Kajabi any day and every day for the features, ease of use, and value for the monthly price.


Many are fans of this for their ease of use for creating funnels.

Quick, simple, easy, and beautiful landing pages.



I'm a HUGE fan. This includes hosting, templates, SEO, analytics, landing pages, domain name (URL) and Acuity for FREE.

for wordpress lovers


For web hosting, they're #1 in customers service, site stability, security AND they do daily back-ups for you. Their newest benefit is that you also get the entire Genesis Framework FOR FREE with 35 premium StudioPress Themes. No back-up buddy plugin needed!


Membership plugin for WP course builders.