The Missing Key to Unlocking Traction, Rocket Fuel, and Clockwork

There are tons of business and leadership gurus who claim that they know the ‘secret sauce’ when it comes to running a successful biz. 

ENDLESS rows of top business books that advertise the bags of cash that’ll start flowing into your business as soon as you start implementing their methods and theories.

In fact, there are three books in particular that have been in the spotlight pretty recently. You know them- Traction, Clockwork, and Rocketfuel. I’ve read ‘em all, and I keep them on my desk. 

As I read these books, I grew increasingly puzzled- these books are missing a KEY component of running a successful business in the modern era!

At least, assuming your business is the kind where you seek not only profit, but also purpose and impact.

The kind of business in which you intentionally strive to make time for the people you care about in your life. And the kind of business where you wake up EVERY morning (er, at least you try to most mornings) just RARING to change the world with your contributions.

You know you can’t make the impact you want to by sitting in the corner, carrying out your product/service fulfillment duties, then calling it a day.

To change the world, you need to serve a community. You know that the movement you want to create requires a leader to guide this community towards progress- but not just any leader. (P.S. YES- this leader is YOU!)

You need to be the kind of leader that people want to follow from their hearts, not out of obligation.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that you don’t want to become the kind of bosses that rule with top-down authority and abuse power. Nor do you want to be the managers that care more about metrics and statistics than the humans they work with. You know these types- they’re probably part of the reason you set out to become an entrepreneur in the first place!

And if we detest this kind of “leadership” so much, why do we (like them) ignore the most fundamental part of any business? If you can’t already guess where I’m going with this…

It’s PEOPLE! The most important ingredient in the recipe for a stable, sustainable, healthy business is the human. This means having the right people in leadership positions with the right mindset. This means carefully hiring the right people to serve your customers.

You can have all of the automated processes and advanced technological systems in place- but if you forget the humanity in all of this, you’re missing the target.

You may be thinking, “If this is such a fundamental part of how to run a successful small business, why isn’t it in the books? What proof do you have that this is really the solution?”

During my time in the startup world, I saw all the different ways that businesses tried to grow- bigger, faster, or stronger (Daft Punk, anyone?). And when the companies received investments specifically intended for scaling the company, you wanna know where they put the money?

They put it into hiring. Their end goal was to grow the business quickly and generate more revenue using this injection of cash, and their strategy was to hire.

To be fair to these highly-acclaimed business books, they do mention the power of people. But they don’t explain what I believe is the REAL KEY when it comes to making waves with your business.

And the key is finding the right candidates, hiring them, and working with them to change the world.

Now, there’s a lot we could unpack from those three processes. There are SO many things you gotta do when you’re searching, hiring, and onboarding a hire (that might not even work out!). Entrepreneurs understand they need to hire to grow, but they get too overwhelmed by the process and put it on the back burner. OR, they’re too afraid of becoming a bad leader to make the leap.

Think about ALL of the progress they’re missing out on by postponing this process! They could be doubling, even tripling their time by bringing on some help, but they backed out and ran.

Girl, you’re a freakin’ CEO! When you started this business, you hustled: day, night, weekend, vacation time, etc. There were tons of people telling you that you wouldn’t make it, but you did it anyways. You listened to podcasts, read those business books, registered for all the webinars, and spent WAY too much time on Google.

Do you ever wonder, as a solopreneur, how it's even possible to do it all? There's just SO much on your to-do list! 

Well… maybe it's because it IS impossible to do it all. You weren't meant to take on all of this work without a team to help you tackle the tasks and change the world. Here are 8 reasons why DIYing it all in your business is NOT the way to go if you want it to succeed.

Take a look at where you are now. Are you going to let a little fear keep you from achieving your dreams now, after you’ve come SO far?

Before you follow in the footsteps of the business owners who ran from these fears, allow me to propose a solution.

Sure- those business books you’ve got sliding off of your side table onto the floor might offer some advice on how to hire. But do they show you how to hire your dream team members? The ones who’ll stick around when the going gets rough? The ones who’re there because they truly believe in supporting your vision?

The business books don’t show you this, because they don’t understand the importance of having someone who loves, cares for, and understands your business as you do.

But I know how important this is. You raised this business from nothing to something, and you need the right person by your side to keep it thriving. And for you, I have what I’m calling the 5-step dream hire method.

I break down this complicated, often messy process of hiring into 5 steps. And I’ll say this now- I’m not in the business of promising quick and easy results. This isn’t one of those ‘get rich quick’ kinda tactics.

In fact, I’m a big proponent of “Hire slow, fire fast.” 

Will this require you to invest scarce time and money? Yes. But will it pay off?

ABSOLUTELY! I can promise you that if you set a plan, follow-through with it, and don’t rush it (no shortcuts!), you WILL find ‘the one’. Don’t believe me? See how my philosophy and coaching helped these business owners change their companies and lives for the better.

This is the key you need to unlock the results of Clockwork, Traction, and Rocketfuel.

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